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Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading provider of comprehensive funeral and burial solutions to communities and societies in Eastern Cape Province

Mission Statement

To provide focused burial and funeral solutions by excelling in customer services and products innovation through staff development and community involvement thus actively positioning us as a dependable partner by allowing customers the time and space to mourn their loved ones.

Society Proposals

Rural-Urban friendly societies are community based and culture entities geared to assist each other in times of need.

Makinana Funeral Services is an active partner with these societies through monthly contributions for further discounted funeral services. Society can affiliate and contribute monthly as they wish.

Benefits of joining society

  • Economies of scale benefits
  • No risk plan that is guaranteed to eventually take place when the call arrives.
  • Spreading financial burden among members.
  • Discounted funeral services will be rendered during death.
  • Flexibility in terms of monthly contributions
  • Guaranteed service/funeral delivery to the society
  • Individual families can opt to upgrade the service during death

Benefits of Makinana funeral Scheme

  • Most flexible product in the industry with affordable rates.
  • Product is a direct result of the needs from the bereaved in general.
  • Flexibility in choosing how to use benefits to suit the bereaved best.

Key Achievements of the scheme

  • Exhumation contracts from the government and mines.
  • No less than 60 000 cultural societies in the books.
  • No less than 80 000 client schemes in the books.
  • Employer of note in all key subsidiaries.


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